About us

Our company started to provide service with plastic injection mold and product manufacturing in Konya in 2007 and it continued its production by expanding its production range with manufacture of plastic products in rotation in 2008. Our company manufactures non-freezing waterer, water basins, calf hutches, disinfection pools, feeders for cattle, sheep and goat farming.

Our company has become a leading company in the sector by combining today's technology with its own experiences, increasing its product quality and variety continuously, with its after sales services. Our company will continue to serve you in the best way for years to come.


As HASBEK PLASTİK, to do all our works right at once, to produce without wastage, to increase the number of our customers by introducing our products in the best way with active marketing teams, to minimize customer complaints about our products by creating an effective after-sales service. To ensure applicability of developing and changing technological conditions in our field of activity to the company by following them. To increase knowledge and skills of the employees with the help of continuous training. To enhance quality management system by improving it continuously.


Our goal is to do all works right at once and to produce quality products at the lowest cost with participation and efforts of our employees. As HASBEK PLASTİK, our target is to increase quality and variety of the products continuously, to provide customer satisfaction with reliability and high business ethics we provide with our after-sales services. Continuously increasing market share. To be a leading company in the sector with all products and services we provide. To work for our COUNTRY and to be the most successful, the most innovative, the most respected and the first name that comes to mind.


HASBEK PLASTİK offers quality products in desired quantity and time in line with talks we have with customers by working according to the team spirit with superior task awareness and combining today's technology with its own experience. To produce by adopting quality as a principle, to be innovative, to develop continuously, to provide product diversity by using technology and making market research, to get into new markets. To work by focusing on customer satisfaction. Our mission is to ensure satisfaction, success and continuous development of the employees.